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Lufthansa Longhaul Inflight Experience

Lufthansa Longhaul Inflight Experience

Our flight from Europe to Panama involved a 3-leg flight with Lufthansa, starting from Amsterdam. Naturally, we were curious to discover how our Lufthansa longhaul inflight experience would pan out.

Our flight deal was quite exceptional. Just €310 each for a return flight ticket. We’ve sometimes paid more than this for one-way only flights within Europe. Admittedly, the low price was due to the fact that we weren’t flying direct.

Our journey comprised 3 legs: Amsterdam-Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Bogota, Bogota-Panama City. The total journey time was a hefty 18 hours.

The only questions were would Lufthansa live up to its reputation as the best airline in Europe? and the 12th safest airline in the world?

Following a short flight from Amsterdam and a quick plane change in Frankfurt, we had a 12-hour long-haul flight to Bogota. The final leg was a short hop with Avianca from Bogota to Panama City.

After a 20-minute ‘technical’ delay in Amsterdam, we were already running late for our connection when we arrived in Frankfurt.

Lufthansa Longhaul Inflight Experience

Lufthansa Longhaul Inflight Experience

Frankfurt is a huge airport. After finding our zone, we had to queue for another passport check. When we finally reached our gate, they were ready for boarding. Had we been delayed by another 30 minutes, we’d possibly have missed our connection (and holiday).

Lufthansa’s Airbus A340-300 for the longhaul flight was a little cramped in economy class. The food is acceptable, and drinks are served from large bottles on the trolley (no miniatures here).

The headphones for the inflight entertainment system are 2-pin, but there is only a single-pin plug on the console. This means that unless you bring along and use your own headphones, you’ll get only single-speaker mono sound, with just half the volume.

All in all, Lufthansa was not much worse than any other European long-haul flight we’ve taken, but certainly no better.

However, considering the price we paid for our economy tickets, I suppose we can hardly complain.

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