Inspiration for Some Unique Activities

Unique Activities

Fancy a city-center infinity pool over 50 floors high? How about some Desert Dune Bashing, or a 4½ km zip line tour over the Panamanian jungle?
Whether you’re into water rafting in Borneo or beach combing in Goa, for inspiration check out these accessible, inexpensive & unique activities at SandSpice.



Habal-Habal – Filipino Motorcycle Taxis

Habal-Habal (motorcycle taxi rides) provide an alternative form of public transport available throughout the Philippines. We first became aware of this while walking alongside the main ...
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Tioman: Into the Rainforest

Into the Tioman Rainforest

One of the nicest beaches on Pulau Tioman is Juara beach on the northern coast. There are rivers at both ends of Juara beach. On ...
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Dubai Desert Safari

Our final full day in the United Arab Emirates, and we’re off on the obligatory Dubai Desert Safari. We’re not expecting much, but it turns ...
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Knuckle Mountains

Beneath the Knuckle Mountains

During our stay at the , we arranged several treks through the surrounding thickly-jungled mountain areas. Whenever we emerged into a clearing, we could see ...
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Goa Beach Hopping

Goa Beach Hopping

One of our favourite activities on visits to Asia is beach hopping. Just pack a lightweight bag with a picnic, grab a hat and plenty ...
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World’s End Sri Lanka – Far Above the Clouds

World’s End Sri Lanka: The first stage of our journey through central Sri Lanka would conclude with a visit to the hill town of Haputale, ...
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Panama Canal Kayaking

Panama Canal Kayaking – Jungle Land Experience

The Panama Canal is arguably one of most important structural achievements ever built. Apart from cutting a slice through a mountain, construction of the canal also ...
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TreeTrek Ziplining Boquete Panama

Ziplining in Boquete Panama

Ziplining had already been on our hitlist for a couple of years. When planning our trip to Panama, we discovered that the Boquete TreeTrek Mountain Resort ...
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Waterfall Rappeling Boquete Panama

Waterfall Rappelling in Boquete

Absailing down a waterfall might not be everyones cup of tea, but for an adrenaline rush its hard to beat. Waterfall rappelling in Boquete, also ...
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Bocas Town

Bocas Town Carnival

A water taxi is most people's introduction to Bocas town in Bocas del Toro, though you can also fly directly to their small airport not ...
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Karimunjawa Scooter Rental

Karimunjawa Scooter Rental – Getting Around

There are 22 kms of ‘road’  between the main port of Karimunjawa and the furthest point north on the island. This is a little too ...
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Tenerife's Siam Park Sensation

Tenerife Siam Park Sensation

If you are planning to spend some time in the south of the island, then the Tenerife Siam Park sensation is something not to be ...
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Inspiration for Some Unique Activities

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