Philippines Central Visayas – Cebu & Bohol

Philippines Central Visayas - Cebu & Bohol

The biggest problem planning a trip around the Philippines is the amount of choice available. There are so many islands and potential routes that it can become quite overwhelming. There are also limitations regarding transit options between the destinations you do want to visit. You have to be extremely selective in order to put together a practical, enjoyable plan. We finally decided on the Philippines Central Visayas – Cebu & Bohol: A good combination of beaches, jungle and local culture. Be sure to first check out our Plan, Maps and Budget for a 20-day round trip.


Manila Airport – Terminals 2 & 3

Transit between Manila Airport Terminals 2 & 3

In order to keep our city-stays to a minimum, we had decided to skip Manila completely on our way in. We would ...
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Cebu City Guesthouse: New Era Pension Inn

Our first real experiences of the Philippines would be our Cebu city guesthouse, since we had decided to skip Manila completely ...
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Cebu City to Moalboal

Cebu City to Moalboal by Bus

Cebu City is quite a congested, noxious conglomerate. Transport from place to place moves at a snails pace. It would ...
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Mangoes in Moalboal

Mangoes in Moalboal, Cebu

This is why we came to the Philippines: To relax in an off-track, secluded location with an open bath-water temperature ...
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Snorkeling in Moalboal Cebu

Snorkeling in Moalboal Cebu was one of the highlights of our visit to the Philippines. Moalboal is located on the northern ...
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Bohol Ferry From Cebu

After 3 nights in Moalboal, we were heading back to Cebu City. We would take the Bohol ferry from Cebu over ...
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Pangangan Island, Bohol

Not quite an island: Pangangan is connected to the mainland by a 4km mangrove-bordered causeway. There are a few so-called 'beach' ...
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Booze in Bohol

If you're not careful, drinking (booze, not water 🙂 ) can account for a large share of your holiday budget ...
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Alona Beach

Ashiyana Resort, Alona Beach

To get to Alona beach, we needed to arrange transport from Pangangan in central Bohol. We left our guesthouse at Isla Hayahay, ...
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snorkeling at alona beach

Snorkeling at Alona Beach

Alona beach in Panglao, Bohol, is best known for its white sand and weekend animations, but the local snorkeling at ...
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Fox & Firefly Resort, Loboc

Fox & Firefly Resort Loboc

Don't expect anything fancy at the Fox & Firefly resort Loboc. This is a pure backpackers place, with the smallest dormitory ...
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Loboc Church - Armageddon

2013 Loboc Earthquake Damage, Philippines

Before leaving Loboc, we stopped to take a closer look at the damage caused by the 2013 Loboc earthquake. The 2013 ...
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The Philippines: Seaside Boutique

Seaside Boutique, Panglao in the Philippines

We chose the Seaside Boutique for our second stay in Panglao, and we're very happy we did (€27 per night ...
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Habal-Habal – Filipino Motorcycle Taxis

Habal-Habal (motorcycle taxi rides) provide an alternative form of public transport available throughout the Philippines. We first became aware of this ...
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Panglao Nature Resort

Panglao Island Nature Resort

The Panglao Island Nature Resort is a classy 5-star resort located far from the hustle and bustle of the more ...
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Philippines Central Visayas – Cebu & Bohol

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Philippines Central Visayas