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Recent Articles

London City Stopover - What to See & Do in just 6 hours

London City Stopover – What to See & Do in just 6 hours

We arrived back in London Gatwick at the end of our multi-stop flight to Hong Kong and Bali, courtesy of Cathay Pacific. With just 12 hours between our arrival at Gatwick and our onward flight home from London Luton airport, we were optimistically hoping to cram in some essential sightseeing on our London city stopover before heading

13 Weeks in Langkawi

13 Weeks in Langkawi – Where to Stay and What to Do

Our plan for this trip to Malaysia was quite unlike our other adventures to date. Having spent many years touching the surface of different Asian cultures through shorter visits, we now wanted to understand how it feels to live in just one locality. Spending 13 weeks in Langkawi seemed an ideal way to do this.

Sri Lagenda Kuah 13 Weeks in Langkawi

Apartments at Sri Lagenda, Kuah Langkawi

Looking more like the location for a post-apocalyptic movie than a condominium in a tropical paradise, Sri Lagenda is a prominent 13-storey apartment block located close to the center of Kuah in Langkawi, Malaysia. Here it is possible to rent apartments for short or long-term lets, either privately or through one of the well-known booking portals.

Sri Lanka 21-day Budget & Costs - Sri Lanka Central and South

Sri Lanka 21-day Budget & Costs

Our Sri Lanka 21-day round trip started and ended in Negombo. From there we traveled inland to Sigiriya to visit the Lion Rock. We then took a bus to the central highlands, taking in Kandy, Polwaththa ECO lodges, a tea plantation and the Knuckle Mountains. Following a dizzying descent from the heights of Haputale, our

Georgetown Penang

Georgetown Penang – A Cultural Smorgasbord

Following our island hops through Phuket and Langkawi, we planned to spend 7 days on the southernmost island in our itinerary – based in Georgetown Penang. Although it is an island, Penang is connected to the Malaysian mainland via a very long and narrow 13.5-kilometer bridge. We would travel across this bridge a week later

Madrid - Airport Transfers & Where to Stay

Madrid Airport Transfers & Where to Stay

Arriving late in the evening at Madrid airport, we were keen to discover how straightforward our transfers into the city would be, and how our selected hotel on the Gran Vía in the center of the city would measure up. Following a 9-day trip through the Canary Islands – including Tenerife and Gran Canaria –

Turkish Scammers Featured

Turkish Airlines Hotel Desk Istanbul – Beware Scammers!

For many years we had heard a lot about the complimentary hotel services offered by Turkish Airlines for unplanned Istanbul layovers exceeding 10 hours. Many people try to game the system in order to qualify, but the rules are quite specific. If you are not a truly genuine candidate, the Turkish Airlines hotel desk will

Exploring Songkhla Thailand

Exploring Songkhla Thailand

Songkhla is a large city located in southern Thailand, near the border with Malaysia. We were inspired to visit this province not so much to admire the architecture as to renew a 30-day Malaysian visa, which was due to expire. It also seemed to be an ideal excuse to spend a few days exploring this

Climbing Gunung Raya

Climbing Gunung Raya, Malaysia

Among the most impressive features of Pulau Langkawi in Malaysia are the mountains. The highest of these is known as Gunung Raya, which dominates the island at 881 meters above sea level. Although not for everyone, climbing Gunung Raya by foot is a challenging but massively rewarding experience. Gunung Raya (literally ‘Mount Raya’) is named

Visa Runner - Langkawi Malaysia to Songkhla Thailand

Visa Runner – Langkawi Malaysia to Songkhla Thailand

If you’re planning an extended stay in Malaysia, then its likely that at some point you’ll have to renew the limited tourist visa you are given on first arrival. This procedure is often referred to as making a ‘visa run’, and will vary according to your nationality and location in Malaysia. In our case, we