SandSpice Travel Essentials – The Things We Carried

SandSpice Travel Essentials - The Things We Carried

When traveling from country to country…

…with a maximum rucksack load of 7 kgs, we tend to be fairly selective about what we carry and what gets left at home. It all depends on the climate of the countries we’re visiting and the type of accommodation (if any) we plan to use.

Most of our long trips are in the tropics, so bulky clothes are the least of our worries. We find the bulkiest – and heaviest – items are the photographic and related electronic equipment, snorkeling gear and medical kit. But we like to include reusable utensils for drinking and eating, lightweight blankets, and so on.

Regarding reading material, whenever possible we always select Kindle versions of the books we take with us. It’s quite alarming how much space a few real books will occupy in your pack.
Here then is a summary of the things we’ve carried during our travels – as well as the stuff we’ve purchased during our trips . Depending on your destination, you might find some of these travel essentials useful yourself…


In the Plane, Train Ferry & Bus ✈️🚝🚍


In the Hotel πŸ›ŽοΈ


On the Beach ⛱️


In the Jungle πŸ’


In the ‘Gadget’ Bag πŸ‘œ


SandSpice Travel Essentials – The Things We Carried

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