SandSpice at the Movies 🎬

SandSpice at the Movies

Travel is all about discovering new places, and many of the countries we have visited have been used as the setting for some iconic movies: ‘From Russia with Love’ in Turkey, ‘Prison Break’ in Panama, ‘South Pacific’ in Malaysia, ‘Game of Thrones’ in Spain. Add another dimension to your trip by checking out these and other classic movie locations with ‘SandSpice at the Movies’.


Don't Look Now

The Venice of “Don’t Look Now”

If like us you’re a bit of a movie fan, then this section is for you. The Venice of Don't Look Now is encapsulated in ...
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The Soná of 'Prison Break' Fame

The Soná of ‘Prison Break’ Fame

Any fans of the mini-series will be familiar with the infamous Soná of 'Prison Break' fame. This fictional prison featured in much of Season ...
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Rome Film Festival & Attractions in Autumn

Autumn is a great time to visit Rome. Although Rome is always busy, at this time of year you can count on shorter ...
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Tokay Gecko

Philippines Tokay Gecko – The “Little Britain” Lizard

Wherever we travelled throughout the rural areas of the Philippines, we were entertained most evenings and nights by the strange and intermittent Philippines Tokay Gecko night call ...
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Panama Canal Kayaking

Panama Canal Kayaking 🛶 Jungle Land Experience

The Panama Canal is arguably one of most important structural achievements ever built. Apart from cutting a slice through a mountain, construction of the ...
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Tioman: Juara Beach

Juara Beach – Tioman Island, Malaysia

When we first planned our 21-day round trip around Malaysia, the place we kept reading about was Tioman island, located 30 kms off ...
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Leather Mosques

Istanbul Walkabout 🕌 Turkey’s iconic mosques & monuments

We dedicated our first full day of our 2-day stay in the city to visiting some of the “must see” Istanbul mosques, museums ...
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In the Footsteps of Jason Bourne India West Kerala to Goa

In the Footsteps of Jason Bourne

Our 31-day trip to India covered 1,700 kms of the West Coast, but also included 3 short city stays in Rome, Istanbul and ...
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If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium

If It’s Tuesday 🤡 This Must Be Belgium

Funnily enough, it was a Tuesday when we arrived in Belgium. We knew this must be Belgium because of the bicycles and the scary ...
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Habal-Habal – Filipino Motorcycle Taxis

Habal-Habal (motorcycle taxi rides) provide an alternative form of public transport, and is available throughout the Philippines. We first became aware of this while ...
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Girona in Giro

Girona in Giro – What to see & do in Springtime

What can you do in Girona if you have just 5 or 6 hours to spare? Actually, quite a lot. Our hotel was located in the center ...
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Boquete Mountain Trails

Boquete Mountain Trails – The Hills Have Eyes

The hills and mountains around Boquete are a huge draw for tourists who want to enjoy some serious trekking off the beaten path ...
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SandSpice at the Movies

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