Meet the SandSpice Team

SandSpice Team - Lena

Lena – Planning & Logistics

Well, it’s not all about gallivanting around the world to hot locations. Someone needs to keep track of everything, and that task falls to me.

Apart from researching travel routes and compiling spreadsheets, I’m a real stickler on making sure we thoroughly check out guesthouse and hotel reviews before making our final selections. We want value for money, but price isn’t always the bottom line.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I’m a painter (oil paintings that is – not white-washing the hallway 🙄 ), so I have to be very careful how I divvy-up my time.

Where do I want to go next? Well, it’s a coin-toss between Japan and Brazil.

contact: [email protected]


SandSpice Team - Julia

Julia – Photography & Film Editing

Yep, I’m the one packing the camera with the obscenely-long telephoto lens.

I’m also working on getting some decent video footage up on YouTube, but photographs are the priority at the moment.

I travel as much as I can afford. The rest of the time I spend doing odd jobs to finance my trips. If you want some nice curtains designed and fitted – look no further!

My most recent trips were to NurembergAmsterdam and Barcelona, but I’m next looking forward to a stint in Thailand (if Lena can find me some cheapo flights).

When that happens, stand by for some fancy video and photographic offerings.

contact: [email protected]


SandSpice Team - Zhenja

Zhenya – Technical Support & Maintenance

It’s great soaking up the sun in the tropics – even better if you can fit it into your work schedule.

Luckily, my day job requires just a laptop and a decent internet connection, so I can take my work with me wherever I go. I like to spend a lot of my time in South-East Asia, enjoying the spicy food and a healthy relaxed lifestyle.

I’m also keen on the food and history of the Mediterranean countries, especially Italy

… but my favourite destination? That’s easy – it’s South Thailand.

If you need tips on eating all you want and keeping fit at the same time, give me a bell.

contact: [email protected]


SandSpice Team - Janet

Janet- Budgets & Marketing

As a Mum of two, I’m always on the lookout for family breaks that hopefully won’t break the budget. I’ve learned a lot of useful and money-saving tips for making the most of any trip.

After doing voluntary work in North India, I would be very happy to return there to continue working with the locals.

I’m also planning a lengthy trip to Cambodia – hopefully in the coming months.

contact: [email protected]


SandSpice Team - Jerry

Jerry – Copywriting & Graphics

No, your name doesn’t have to start with a “J” to be part of our SandSpice team, but it does seem to help…

As the senior member of our group, I try to bring a certain gravitas to proceedings – not always successfully. I’ve been through my backpacking years and am now looking for just a little more comfort when travelling.

The last place I visited was Latin America. Next up, I’ve got my sights on a trip along the North-West coast of Malaysia – from Langkawi to Penang  … and this time – who knows – I might just decide to stay there.

contact: [email protected]


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