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Panama Tocumen Airport

Avianca from Bogota to Panama Tocumen Airport

The final leg of our 3-flight journey from Amsterdam to Panama was an Avianca flight from Bogota, Columbia to Panama Tocumen Airport. This involved more security screening, but thankfully not as inanely intense as in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Our arrival at Bogota airport was definitely a ‘habla español’ wake-up call. Almost all gate information was

Booking a Venice Hotel

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Choosing the Ca ’Fortuny Hotel Venice was the result of some precise online research. Finding a good, reasonably-priced hotel in Venice – that’s not too far from the center – can be a challenge in itself. It’s therefore always a good idea to scrutinize the best deals that are currently on offer. We shortlisted a

Rome Film Festival & Attractions in Autumn

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Autumn is a great time to visit Rome. Although Rome is always busy, at this time of year you can count on shorter queues and better prices. Even so, for a short 2-3 day break in the Italian capital you need to be extremely selective. There are just so many Rome attractions to see, and

Palm Paradise

Palm Paradise Cabanas Tangalle

Palm Paradise Cabanas Tangalle is a medium-sized beach and garden resort located a few kms west along the coast from Tangalle. My last visit to Palm Paradise – 19 years previously – was very enjoyable, so I was keen to return. The highlights I remembered from my first trip were the beautiful cabanas, the family of monkeys that

Jepara gutter - Central Java & Karimunjawa

Jepara ATM woes – down & out in the suburbs

This marked the low-point of my trip to Indonesia 🤕. Events had spiraled relentlessly downhill from our arrival at Semarang airport, on a domestic flight with Lion Air from Jakarta. Following the loss of a credit card at Semarang airport (see Honey, the ATM ate my card) we continued with our planned itinerary by taking

Kuala Lumpur Chinatown

Kuala Lumpur First Impressions – the delicious aromas of food…

Following a short transit through a decidedly chilly Holland and Belgium (see If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium), we were ready to take a flight to warmer climes. Our KLM flight went non-stop from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, departing at 20:50 in the evening and arriving at 15:45 the following afternoon. The flight was

Lufthansa longhaul inflight experience: Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Bogota-Panama

Lufthansa Longhaul Inflight Experience

Our journey from Europe to Panama involved a 3-leg flight with Lufthansa, starting from Amsterdam. Having flown little with Lufthansa beforehand, we were curious to discover how a Lufthansa longhaul inflight experience would pan out. Our Lufthansa Longhaul Inflight Experience The Lufthansa flight deal we found was quite exceptional. Just €310 each for a return

Kovalam Beach Umbrellas

The Kovalam Lighthouse Beach Experience

Our west-coast journey through India started in the far south at Trivandrum, where we had booked a hotel in Kovalam. One week before arriving at Kovalam Lighthouse Beach, I sent an email to our hotel requesting an airport pickup. The fact that I got no reply should have been an early warning sign. When we arrived

Istanbul Leather Shopping Mosques

Istanbul Leather Shopping 🧥

One of the bonuses of a short stay in Istanbul is the opportunity for shopping. There are some great bargains to be had in the bazaars and highstreets of the city, and if its leather you’re after, look no further. You’ll find that shopping for leather in Istanbul can be a very social activity. If you

Tenerife's Siam Park Sensation

Tenerife Siam Park Sensation

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If you are planning to spend some time in the south of the island, then the Tenerife Siam Park sensation is something not to be missed. Siam park is a large, clean, beautifully landscaped and well organized water park, officially the No 1 water park in the world. If you come to Tenerife, this is absolutely