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Exploring the Depths 🥽 A Dive into Sea Scooters

Exploring the Depths 🥽 A Dive into Sea Scooters

At Sandspice we’ve always been passionate about sustainable travel. We seek ECO-friendly experiences that connect us with nature while minimizing our impact on the environment. Today, we dive into the fascinating world of sea scooters, also known as diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs). These underwater marvels allow you to glide effortlessly through the depths, exploring marine wonders

Mersing - Budget Accommodation Nightmares

Miserable in Mersing Malaysia 🫤

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When we think of travel, we often picture beautiful landscapes, cultural discoveries, and unforgettable experiences. However, not all journeys turn out as idyllic as we hope. Our trip through Mersing, Malaysia, painted a starkly different picture than the one we had envisioned. In this candid account, we share our encounters with the less appealing aspects

Kovalam Beach Umbrellas

Kovalam Lighthouse Beach 🏖️ India

Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Arabian Sea in Kerala, India, Kovalam Lighthouse Beach is a captivating destination that beckons travelers seeking sun-soaked adventures and serene coastal vistas. With its iconic red-and-white striped lighthouse standing tall against the azure sky, this iconic stretch of sands offers a blend of relaxation and exploration. From water

Amsterdam Layover Hotel

Amsterdam Layover 🌷 Hotel & Activities

Our incredibly low-priced Lufthansa flights from Europe to Panama departed from Holland. We therefore needed to find budget flights to get us to Schiphol airport, and spend the night close by the airport before taking our flight the following day. For this we decided to include an Amsterdam layover hotel in our itinerary. Highlights Amsterdam

Honey, the ATM ate my card - Central Java & Karimunjawa

Honey, the ATM ate my card 💳

Picture this: you’re at the start of your 21-day Indonesian travel itinerary when suddenly calamity strikes. Whether you’re an avid globetrotter or simply in need of a good laugh, this anecdote-packed journey promises to entertain while shedding light on the quirks of travel mishaps abroad. Join us as we navigate the chaos of dealing with

Islay Bastimentos Bocas Del Toro

Ushuaia Guesthouse Bastimentos 😱 Panama

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Discover the unvarnished truth about the Ushuaia Guesthouse nestled in Bastimentos, Panama, as we unveil an honest review of this accommodation anomaly. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time adventurer, delve into our firsthand experience to uncover whether this guesthouse lives up to its promises or falls short of expectations. Highlights Getting to Bocas

Ubud Bali Eating & Activities

Ubud Bali Eating Out 🍛 Our Favourite Warungs

Our Bali and Nusa Lembongan 2-island itinerary would last 18 days and include stop overs in both Hong Kong and London. So with just 4 of these days in Ubud, we were keen to discover the best food that Bali has to offer. To this end, we did a little research in advance to ensure

Girona in Giro

Girona in Giro 🌺 What to See & Do in Springtime

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Discover the enchanting allure of Girona in springtime: a captivating Spanish city adorned with vibrant blooms and rich cultural heritage. Nestled in the heart of Catalonia, Girona offers a tapestry of experiences, from exploring its medieval Old Town, lined with cobblestone streets and colorful facades, to wandering along the tranquil banks of the Onyar River.

Buses & Jeepneys in the Philippines

Philippines Buses & Jeepneys 🚍

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Explore the vibrant tapestry of Philippine transportation using its iconic buses and jeepneys. From bustling city streets to scenic rural routes, these colorful vehicles serve as the lifeline of Filipino commute culture. Discover the blend of modern convenience and cultural charm as you journey through the Philippines, where each ride promises an adventure of its

Exploring Koh Lipe, Thailand 🌴 A Tiny Island Paradise

If you’re looking for the ultimate tropical getaway, then look no further than Koh Lipe, Thailand. Nestled in the Andaman Sea, Koh Lipe is a small island paradise that boasts some of the most beautiful beaches, world-class diving, and vibrant marine life in the region. Join us as we explore this breathtaking destination, from the