Miserable in Mersing Malaysia

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Mersing - Budget Accommodation Nightmares

Miserable in Mersing Malaysia

Mersing Malaysia is the gateway to Tioman Island, a very popular destination for travelers. We had a pleasant coach ride down to Mersing from Cherating, on a very comfortable Adik Beradik coach.

The 240 km trip took around 4 hours, including a 20-minute stop along the way where we could eat and use the washroom. Of course, the toilet was basic but adequate.

Coach stop - "Tandas" (toilet) in the background

Mersing Malaysia from Cherating: Coach stop – “Tandas” (toilet) in the background

Hotel Embassy Mersing Malaysia

Mersing is not a very large town (see map of mersing), so it was not difficult to find the Embassy Hotel, which we had booked online three weeks earlier (€16 for a double room, excluding breakfast).

The Embassy was easily the worst hotel we stayed in during our trip through Malaysia. Admittedly, it was also the cheapest, but there’s not a lot of choice in Mersing. We were a little uncomfortable with the state of the bed and bathroom, and decided not to undress or wash there.

The bed was just a mattress with an old  sheet on it and a very used-looking blanket (no under sheet). When I asked for another sheet, I was told this was not possible since housekeeping was “closed”. Both the room and bathroom were grubby, and the state of the lock on the door made it feel very insecure.

The ground floor of the Embassy “hotel” also doubles as a drinking hole for the local men, so could be a little daunting for females travelling alone.

Chinese Temple in the center of Mersing

Mersing Malaysia: Chinese Temple in the center of of town

Around town in Mersing

There is a pervading stench from the open sewers throughout Mersing that really makes this a place to avoid spending too much time in. If like most folks you’re in transit to Tioman, better to go directly to the afternoon ferry – there are few if any morning ferries.

From Cherating to Mersing

Mersing Malaysia: Indian Temple off the Main Road

We wandered around the town in the evening to find a place to eat. On Jalan Ismail we found a decent Indian restaurant with some very friendly staff. There are also a few bakeries in town, which are handy for breakfast before heading to the ferry terminal.

… and the ferry terminal would be our first port of call the following day. We were keen to leave Mersing and while away some time on the more secluded side of Tioman island. We were looking forward to white sand beaches and dense jungle, and a beachfront cabin to enjoy it all from.

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