Drink & Eat in Siem Reap 👩‍🍳 Cambodia

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Drink & Eat in Siem Reap 👩‍🍳 Cambodia

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Whether you’re a foodie seeking new gastronomic adventures or a traveler eager to delve into authentic Cambodian cuisine, Siem Reap offers a feast for both the palate and the soul. From savoring traditional Khmer dishes to exploring the bustling Pub Street, this article is your guide to experiencing the best of Siem Reap’s food and drink scene.

Join us as we embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Cambodia’s cultural capital.



Siem Reap’s Eclectic Choice of Eateries

If you crave the aromatic spices of traditional Cambodian cuisine – featuring edible flowers and crispy red ants – or seek the sophistication of world-class dining, Siem Reap boasts a dining scene as diverse as its cultural tapestry.

In the following sections we provide you with a guide to navigating the eclectic array of restaurants that define the gastronomic landscape of this popular Khmer city.

The Vylina Pteas Yeung Restaurant

The Vylina Pteas Yeung restaurant, also known as the Vylina Angkor Guest House, was our first restaurant in Siem Reap. We chose it because we’d arrived late from the bus terminal and didn’t want to wander too far on our first evening.

The restaurant was just 5 minutes walk from our hotel – the Mane Colonial along Street 60, just north of Siem Reap’s central area.

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Vylina Pteas Yeung Restaurant - Drink & Eat in Siem Reap Cambodia

Vylina Pteas Yeung Restaurant, Siem Reap


We were the only guests, and we ordered 2 dishes – a chicken curry and a beef salad – at $5 each (with a portion of rice at $0.50). We also ordered 2 beers at $1 each for a total bill of $12.50.

Our meal was basic but tasty enough, and we certainly couldn’t complain about the price.

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Mahob Kymer Cuisine

The following night, after a walk along the riverside, we discovered our second restaurant – Mahob Kymer Cuisine. This modern restaurant is situated in a relaxing garden setting.

Mahob Kymer Cuisine - Drink & Eat in Siem Reap Cambodia

Mahob Kymer Cuisine, Siem Reap Cambodia


We ordered both mains and deserts. All of the dishes were beautifully presented and the food and service were exceptional.

Our final bill, together with a bottle of red wine, came to $68.

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Fly Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Kroya by Chef Chanrif

Not far from the river in the northern area of town, Chef Chanrith blends his Khmer heritage with international techniques to achieve a unique modern Khmer cuisine. He offers A la carte lunch and tasting menus at dinner, 2 of which are plant forward.

Plant-forward is a cooking and eating style that emphasizes plant-based foods. It includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Animal products can appear in small portions, often as a flavoring or garnish.

Kroya by Chef Chanrif - Drink & Eat in Siem Reap Cambodia

Kroya by Chef Chanrif, Siem Reap Cambodia


Tasting Menu 6 Courses

At $40 per person, the 6-course Tasting menu comprises a selection of appetizers, mains and deserts.


  • Village jackfruit curry dip, crispy rice crackers, cucumber jade and vegetable crudités
  • Roasted and crusted chicken roulade with green mango salad, dehydrated seaweed, cashew nuts and chili puree
  • Pomelo salad, seared king oyster mushroom scallops, crispy mushroom pops and dehydrated coconut
  • Butter-catfish soup with lemongrass paste, sandan and shaved banana pith
  • Krek soup with duck breast, wild mangosteen leaves, foraged red tree ants, tamarind broth and Khmer basil
Desert Mango
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  • Sautéed scallops with string beans, finger chili, minced pork and holy basil
  • Steamed seabass with a galangal and ginger soy sauce
  • Ethnic village-style roasted pork loin with a spicy Kouy dip
  • 26 days butter-aged beef tenderloin served with a sous vide egg, Kampot lime and a pepper sauce
  • Smoked 28 days butter aged rib eye served with Kampot pepper lime sauce, spicy tamarind sauce and Prahok sauce

Red ants make for a very tasty condiment


  • Mango and sticky rice log, coconut and chili ice cream, perfumed with beeswax
  • Kroya coconut chocolate ball and Nom Tailai cake

Plant Forward Menu

The 6-course Plant Forward menu also costs $40 per person and comprises a variety of dishes as above, but also including:

  • Palm fruit soup scented with lemongrass paste, sandan, watercress and shaved banana pith
  • Wok fried kale with string beans, finger chili, and holy basil topped with crispy egg
  • Chargrilled Bantey Srie village purple eggplant with spicy lemon herbs and toasted ground rice
  • Khmer pumpkin and mushroom amok with crispy tofu and garnished with cashew nuts

With wine and extras, our final bill came to $138. Not cheap, but where else in the world can you enjoy this level of dining at that price?

Bufet Fumyerng

Also known as the Daebak BBQ, this large open-area establishment is located on Street 60 north of the city.

A hugely popular place with the locals, Bufet Fumyerng was packed with families. There’s even a play area for the kids while the parents eat.

There’s no menu as such, and very few of the staff speak English. We were the only foreigners in the place, but we managed well enough.

Bufet Fumyerng - Drink & Eat in Siem Reap Cambodia

Bufet Fumyerng, Siem Reap Cambodia


You get 2 gas burners, one for your soup, the other for frying your food with butter. Just help yourself to whatever you want from the buffet, and start cooking!

They offer a fantastic, *** unlimited *** supply of fish and shell fish including large fresh prawns and langustine. There’s also ready-cooked food like noodles, rice and chicken.

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For desert you can choose from a variety of fresh fruit. All this for $7 per person. A bottle of Anchor beer in an ice bucket cost another dollar.

No wonder it’s so popular 😲

The Red Piano Restaurant

At the centre of Pub Street in the heart of Siem Reap, the Red Piano offers a great location for a late afternoon drink followed by a wide selection of dining options.

The Red Piano Restaurant - Drink & Eat in Siem Reap Cambodia

The Red Piano Restaurant, Siem Reap


We went for a bottle of their Australian house red wine ($16) and a few Angkor draft beers ($1 each).

After that we ordered their signature spicy pork ribs (the best in Siem Reap) and a Thai red curry with rice. The total bill came to $41.

The Red Piano’s spicy pork ribs… Oh, Yes!

The Red Piano offers unbeatable value and great service, with a top notch position for people-watching in this pulsing centre of the city.

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

The Hot Stone Restaurant

For our final restaurant in Siem Reap, we chose the Hot Stone, which is located right next to the Mahob restaurant.

With garden and indoor eating areas, we chose indoor. This was because of the ponds in the garden which attract a lot of mosquitoes.

The Hot Stone Restaurant - Drink & Eat in Siem Reap Cambodia

The Hot Stone Restaurant, Siem Reap


Against all our expectations, the Hot Stone restaurant failed to impress. From the menu, we ordered a USA Chuck Eye Roll at $12, the Australian Beef Rib-Eye at $10.50, and a bottle of Chilien Red Wine at $20. We also had some sparkling water.

The meat was served already chopped up into small pieces and the quality of the meat was really poor. It was easily the worst Hot Stone meal we’ve ever tasted. Better stick to the local Khymer food (even the bugs!).

The total bill came to $49.50.

Siem Reap Verdict? A Delight for the Palate

With a diverse array of culinary offerings ranging from traditional Khmer delicacies to international fusion cuisine, Siem Reap’s restaurants promise memorable dining experiences for every palate.

Whether quaint family-owned eateries serving up generations-old recipes or trendy cafes pushing culinary boundaries, Siem Reap’s eateries offer a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation.

So until our next visit to this culinary paradise, we’ll keep the spirit of adventure alive and our appetites ready for more!

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