Our Venice Budget 🎭 2 Nights Inclusive – What’s the Cost?

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Our Venice Budget 🎭 2 Nights Inclusive – What’s the Cost?

A short trip to Venice is potentially one of the most costly city breaks you can take. Even with a strict Venice budget, why is this city so expensive?

Well, we noticed a few things that might explain this. Apart from the local handiwork of artists and artisans, not much is created or grown in Venice. Goods and materials have to be transported into outlying hubs, and then distributed throughout the city from there.

Getting value for money isn’t the same as choosing the cheapest options.

In the narrow streets, you’ll constantly see young guys delivering palettes of large boxes on wheeled carriers. These overheads contribute in part to the high taxes levied by the local government.

Our Venice Budget: 2 Nights Inclusive - What’s the Cost?

TNT Deliveries

The city is firmly on the “European Tour”, and attracts plenty of well-heeled visitors (popular with the Gondoliers), notably Asians who are fast becoming the wealthiest tourists.

However, with the growing success and popularity of budget airlines, this dynamic is fast-changing. The smart Venetian businesses are learning to cater to a less affluent clientele.

So with a little patience and planning, it is possible to find good quality at reasonable prices.

Our Venice Budget: 2 Nights Inclusive - What’s the Cost?

‘…if I see just one more Carnival mask shop! ‘

Our Venice Budget – Cost Summary

So is a 2-day break in Venice worth the price you will pay?

You can judge for yourself based on our costings. Bear in mind that we’re looking for value for money, which isn’t necessarily the same as choosing the cheapest options.

Note also that these are our primary costs – not including getting to/from your home airport, shopping for souvenirs, entrance costs to churches or museums, and any tipping.

♦  Return Flight – €138
♦  Airport Transfer – €40
♦  Vaporetti Day Pass – €40
♦  2 nights Hotel with Breakfast – €137
♦  Lunch Day 1 – €38
♦  Dinner Day 1 – €130
♦  Lunch Day 2 – €48
♦  Dinner Day 2 – €106

Venice Budget: Our Total Cost – €677.

Had we not chosen one disastrous restaurant (our mistake) the price would have been more like €640. This equates to GBP 492 or USD 714.

€640 may sound expensive, but remember this is pretty much all-inclusive for 2 people sharing.

If you counted just the basic costs, this trip would be €158 per person (flight, transfers and accommodation with breakfast).

For what we take away from it, the trip was worth what we payed, and will be remembered long after we’ve stopped fretting about the costs.

Marred with corruption and mass tourism, some experts predict Venice has less than 80 years before it is completely underwater. Will we go back again? Possibly, though this is a city with a precarious future.

Suitcase All your hotel options in Venice

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Venice Summary


judith ravestein

January 6, 2019at 6:24 pm

We were in Venice the week before Christmas. Perfect!


    January 6, 2019at 7:49 pm

    It can be a wee bit chilly this time of year 😉
    Especially out on the boats…



January 14, 2017at 3:02 am

Looks a good deal to me. Need at least 2-3 weeks when traveling to Europe from USA to justify airfare


    January 14, 2017at 3:24 pm

    Alice, for cheap, last-minute flights to Europe, try Secret Flying (http://www.secretflying.com/).
    They also feature Error Fares, which are well worth it if you can catch one.

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