Fox & Firefly Cottages Loboc

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Fox & Firefly Cottages Loboc

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Our 3-week trip through the Philippines included a short break at a small guesthouse resort in Loboc in the province of Bohol. However, don’t expect anything fancy at the Fox & Firefly Cottages Loboc.

This is a pure backpackers place, with the smallest dormitory I have ever seen (about 16 square meters for up to 8 adults).

Fox & Firefly Resort Loboc

Fox & Firefly Cottages Loboc: Reception Area

Apart from the dormitory hut there are two other 2-person huts, and a communal washing/toilet area. If you’re tall enough you can observe (and be observed) from the main building while using the toilet – and the door doesn’t lock properly anyway.

Fox & Firefly Resort Loboc

The shower, but don’t dawdle – there’s only the one…

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Even if you pay the extra for a private hut you still have to share the one and only communal toilet/bathroom (and with 12 guests plus staff, you often have to wait in line).

They have an uneven rickety stone path running between the buildings which requires all your attention to avoid tripping.

Fox & Firefly Resort Loboc

Crazy-paving: Challenging even when sober

Paddle boarding at the Fox & Firefly Cottages Loboc

As for activities, you can opt for paddleboard tours (with a guide) starting at 800 pesos per person per hour (longer tours are available). These tours all set off from a small jetty on the river, close to the resort.

You are accompanied by an experienced paddle board guide who’ll make sure you get back in one piece. If you’re not in the mood for board-balancing, you can just relax on the jetty, or take a swim in the river.

Fox & Firefly Resort Loboc

The wooden jetty: Start you Paddle-board tour from here

During our visit, a dormitory bed cost 450 pesos and a 2-person hut 1600 pesos.

Perhaps the best way to spend your time in Loboc is to simply walk through the lush countryside or along the banks of the river. If you’re less adventurous, you can always take a boat trip along the river, including on-board music and dinner.

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