What to See & Do in Loboc Bohol 🛶 Philippines

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Loboc Bohol

What to See & Do in Loboc Bohol 🛶 Philippines

Discover the enchanting charm of Loboc, a quaint municipality nestled in Bohol, Philippines. Known for its scenic landscapes, Loboc offers a delightful blend of natural wonders and cultural richness.

From the mesmerizing Loboc River Cruise, where visitors glide through lush mangroves and witness local performances, to the historic Loboc Church, dating back to the 17th century, this destination is a treasure trove for travelers seeking a glimpse into the Philippines’ vibrant heritage.

In addition to the popular lunch cruises along the river, Loboc is also one of the few locations where you can observe the Tarsier monkey. This is a small nocturnal animal with large red eyes – and one of the world’s smallest primates. We planned to spend 3 nights in Loboc, as a break from the more commercial areas in Panglao.



Getting to Loboc

From Alona, we traveled back to Tagbilaran and again stocked up with fruit and snacks at the mall. To get to Loboc, we took one of the small yellow buses from the bus stop outside the mall (25 pesos).

The trip took about 45 minutes via the coast road. These buses travel on through to Carmen and Talibon, so you need to let the conductor know you want to get off at Loboc (they don’t always stop there).

The bus got very packed, so we were crammed into 2 tiny seats with our rucksacks and side bags (and shopping bags) on our knees. The seats are not designed for foreigners – you have to be a 5-foot 50 kilo Filipino to fit comfortably. Fortunately, we had just a young girl next to us on our 3-seat row.

We climbed out at Loboc, then hiked back 2 km to find our lodging; The Fox and Firefly cottages.

Get to Bohol from Manila

What to See and Do in Loboc Bohol

What to see & do in Loboc – the Fox & Firefly

The Fox & Firefly is is a very small resort on the river (you turn off the main road at the Petron petrol station). There are a few traditional cottages and a 6-person dormitory (just a larger cottage with 6 beds).

We were greeted with a lemon and ginger welcome drink. The resort is peaceful and relaxing. The accommodation is basic but adequate. The outdoor toilet and bathroom is shared, which may not suit everyone. They provide good breakfast, lunch and dinner options at reasonable prices.

All Hotel Options in Bohol

What to see and do in Loboc Bohol

Welcome cocktails at Fox & Firefly

Loboc Paddle Boarding

The Fox & Firefly resort have a rustic jetty on the river from where you can set off for accompanied daytime or night time river trips on their stand-up paddle boards. You can also swim from here, if you’re comfortable swimming in fast-moving rivers.

We had 3 nights in Loboc, but were already beginning to fear that this may have been too much. It gets surprisingly cold at night, though it is only 5 km from the coast, and not particularly high up. I ended up supplementing my sheet with a towel to keep out the chills.

Activity options include hiring a motorbike, day or night time paddle boarding (at night time, you visit the fireflies), boat cruises on the river, and zip-lining.

What to see and do in Loboc Bohol

Loboc Bohol – River view from the bridge

Loboc River Walk

We took a 3-hour walk upriver (along the opposite riverbank from the road, and through paddy fields) as far as a small waterfall. This is a pleasant walk. mostly by the river. You need to cross the river at Loboc – across a large concrete bridge. Then you take the first side road right, and just follow your nose until the waterfall is in sight (although you can’t quite reach the waterfall without taking a swim up river).

What to see and do in Loboc Boho

Loboc Bohol backwater paddyfields

Loboc itself is not so much a town as a few scattered buildings along a stretch of road, including a couple of small eateries, bakeries and shops.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

What to see and do in Loboc Boho

What to see and do in Loboc Bohol – Loboc Town

We ate at a couple of local places, but didn’t eat anything very remarkable. There was a pizza place on the main square where we had 2 very good, freshly made pizzas with local beer. It was run by just a young girl on her own: She makes the pizzas from scratch in the Italian way, right in front of your table. Well recommended.

There are clear signs everywhere of the 2013 earthquake and flood damage, notably at the church on the main road.

What to see and do in Loboc Boho

The destroyed Loboc church

The Villa Limpia

For our last full day in Loboc, we took a jeepney (8 pesos) back down to Loay on the coast road. We were headed to the Villa Limpia just outside Loay.

Take a Jeepney!

What to do in Loboc Bohol – Take a Jeepney!

Villa Limpia is a small beach resort that charges outside guests 25 pesos to use their pool and facilities (towels included). We had the place to ourselves, and spent a few hours by the pool. We also had a decent lunch there for around 200 pesos each.

The nearby beach is a bit rough, but has several karaoke booths if that’s your thing. This day out made a relaxing inexpensive alternative to the standard activities typically on offer in Loboc.

Villa Limpia, Loay

Villa Limpia, Loay – Loboc Bohol

From Loay, we were next heading back to Panglao to discover the more peaceful north side of this small peninsula and some of the more secluded beaches.

Book the Villa Limpia

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