The White Sands of Dumaluan Beach, Philippines

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Dumaluan Beach, Philippines

The White Sands of Dumaluan Beach, Philippines

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Our trip around the Philippines Central Visayas was concentrated primarily on Cebu and Bohol. Panglao island is located within the Bohol Province, and it is here where we discovered the lesser-known Dumaluan beach.

Dumaluan beach is a narrow, white sand beach stretching for around 500 meters on the south coast of Panglao. It’s only a few kilometers down the coast from Alona beach, but offers a similar beach experience, more geared towards locals than foreigners.

If you get there early in the morning with a group of 6 or more, you might want to hire one of their beach cabins for the day.

It’s great for swimming as you have a safe but not too shallow swimming area up to 60 meters out from the beach. There’s even a slight swell that brings in some nice gentle waves. The beach provides a variety of naturally shaded sunbathing spots.

The white sands of Dumaluan beach, Philippines

The white sands of Dumaluan beach, Philippines

A trike to get there costs around 150/200 pesos from the furthest point in Panglao, a lot less if you’re closer.

Dumaluan Beach – Bring a Picnic…

There is an “entrance” fee of 25 pesos (almost certainly just for the foreigners). There’s a line of open-sided family huts for rent just behind the beach, and a barbecue/snack bar just behind that.

Your best option would be to bring along your own picnic to eat on the beach. The food options at the snack bar are limited, and the service is painstakingly slow.

If you don’t rent any of the fixed seating areas, you’ll need to find a spot on the beach to lay a towel – ideally with a bit of shade from the overhanging trees.

It was fairly busy on our visit, but it was weekend so that’s probably normal.

The Dumaluan Beach Resort is located right on the beachfront, and is popular with travelers seeking a a less hectic beach experience. However, since this beach is popular with the locals, you can expect a fair amount of Karaoke in the evenings.

Hotel options in Panglao

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Gr8 Travel Tips

August 12, 2018at 12:22 am

Looks Excellent! We’re Travelling there in late January! 🙂


    August 14, 2018at 10:55 am

    Lucky you! We won’t be too far away – in Malaysia


September 11, 2015at 12:10 pm

Wow. Gorgeous. So jealous!! Looks like you are having a great time. Makes me want to find a beach to go lay on, but it’s snowing/raining/sleeting. Soak up some sun for me…

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