The Soná of ‘Prison Break’ Fame

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The Soná of 'Prison Break' Fame

The Soná of ‘Prison Break’ Fame

Any fans of the mini-series will be familiar with the infamous Soná of ‘Prison Break’ fame. This fictional prison featured in much of Season 3 of the series.

The good news is that if you’re planning to travel by bus from Panama City (or from Boquete) to Santa Catalina, you will get to visit Soná in person.

The bad news is that there is (no longer) any prison in Soná. Worse still, all of the filming of the Soná episodes was done in three locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the USA.

Still, this shouldn’t disappoint you too much. You can still claim you’ve visited the central Panamanian town that inspired the Penitenciaría Federal de Soná featured in this classic TV series.

Sona of Prison Break Fame

The Soná of ‘Prison Break’ Fame – Local Supermarket

Soná itself is a very small settlement, used by tourists mainly as a transit point when travelling to the coastal resort of Santa Catalina.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

We transitted twice in Soná on our way to and from Santa Catalina.

Ominously enough, before boarding our bus to Soná in Panama City, we noticed plenty of ‘No Guns’ signs dotted around the bus station. I suppose ‘No Smoking’ is just taken for granted.

Sona of Prison Break Fame

The Soná of ‘Prison Break’ Fame

We stopped again for lunch in Soná on our ongoing trip from Santa Catalina to David. Our $3 chicken and potato lunch from the Rosti Pollo Chombin eatery was just fine (though not quite up to the standards of Los Pollos Hermanos of Breaking Bad 😉 ).

However, this town didn’t seem to be the type of place you’d want to wander around at night.

Sona of Prison Break Fame

Lunch at the  Rosti Pollo Chombin eatery on Soná’s high street

Sadly then, we didn’t bump into Fish and Sucre (or see a prison for that matter, let alone a ‘break’).

However we did see a couple of ninja-style policemen riding motorbikes and packing some serious-looking automatic weapons.

Sona of Prison Break Fame

The Soná of ‘Prison Break’ Fame – Police with Uzi machine gun and full body-armour

Maybe Soná does live up to its infamous TV representation after all…

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Soná of 'Prison Break' FameSoná of 'Prison Break' Fame - A real place, but not as you know it

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