Sail to Paradise 🛥️ The Karimunjawa Fast Boat

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Sail to Paradise 🛥️ The Karimunjawa Fast Boat

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Karimunjawa Island, located in the Java Sea, is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered by adventurous travelers. And what better way to reach this tropical oasis than by taking the Karimunjawa Fast Boat? This exciting and comfortable journey is the perfect start to a wonderful vacation on this stunning island.

After packing our bags and bidding farewell to the city life, we were ready for an adventure to the tropical paradise of Karimunjawa. Our journey began in Semarang, where we headed to Jepara to take the Karimunjawa fast boat to the island.

Getting to Jepara: A Stopover at the Samudra Hotel

Knowing that the fast boat was set to depart at 9 am, we arrived in Jepara the day before and checked into the Samudra Hotel, located conveniently close to the port. The next morning, we were advised to get to the port around an hour before departure.

We had pre-booked our tickets at the TIC (Tourist Information Center) in Semarang (IDR 200,000 per person, one-way). The tickets were waiting for us at the port office.

Hotel Options in Jepara

Karimunjawa Fast Boat

Karimunjawa Fast Boat: Jepara jetty

Setting Sail: The Second Boat of the Day

As we approached the port, we saw that the much larger slow boat to Karimunjawa had already set sail two hours prior. But, it was our turn to embark on the second departure from Jepara that day.

Before boarding the boat, we were required to pay an ‘ECO’ tax of IDR 50,000 (€4) per person. Although we couldn’t be sure, we had a feeling that this tax was only imposed on foreign tourists. Nevertheless, it’s worth taking into consideration for those on a tight budget.

Karimunjawa Fast Boat

Before boarding, these guys will want your ECO tax

Comfortable and Chilly: Our Journey on the Fast Boat

Finally, we boarded the Karimunjawa fast boat, which departed from Jepara on time at 9 am. We understood it would be a two-hour journey to Karimun port, where we would arrive around 11 am. The seating area inside the boat was comfortable enough, with a movie showing.

Make sure to bring a warm jacket as the air conditioning was set to freezing – I felt like a brass monkey on the boat!

Karimunjawa Fast Boat

Karimunjawa Fast Boat: Airco set to freeze a brass monkey

2 Classes of Comfort: Standard or VIP Seating

The fast boat offered two classes of seating – standard and VIP. We chose the standard class, which was just fine for us. For those willing to spend a little extra, the VIP seating upstairs offered a small snack, fewer people, and even a karaoke machine for some mid-journey entertainment.

Karimunjawa Fast Boat

Karimunjawa Fast Boat

Arriving at Karimunjawa: A Warm Welcome to Paradise

As we sailed on the fast boat, we overtook the slow boat just half an hour before arriving at Karimunjawa. Upon arrival, we couldn’t wait to step out into the warm air and explore our surroundings.

We had already booked our first night at the Waru Guesthouse, located just a stone’s throw away from the port. And with nine whole days to explore the island, we were ready for an unforgettable adventure in paradise.

Hidden Treasures of Karimunjawa: A 9-Day Adventure

In the following section of our travel diary, we share our experience of exploring the hidden treasures of Karimunjawa island. From snorkeling in crystal-clear waters to hiking through lush green forests, stay tuned to check out all the amazing sights and experiences we had on this incredible island!

Hotel Options in Karimunjawa

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