Polwaththa Eco Lodge

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Polwaththa - Cabin in the Woods

Polwaththa Eco Lodge

Our trip through Sri Lanka wouldn’t have been complete without a short stay at one of this island’s Eco settlements.

So, from Kandy we had arranged a pickup by tuk-tuk to take us into the surrounding mountain jungles to the Polwaththa Eco Lodges.

We were looking forward to a peaceful break, close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle. Our tuk-tuk driver arrived on time shortly before noon. We paid Rs 1,000 for the transfer from our hotel in Kandy.

The journey took around 45 minutes. As we progressed the roads became narrower and steeper. I was beginning to wonder how on earth the tuk-tuk could handle the weight of 2 passengers plus luggage on such steep inclines – at some extreme points we barely maintained forward momentum.

Towards the end, the uphill path was so pockmarked that the driver had to negotiate around gaping holes as well as manage the vertical incline.

We arrived at the top to a smiling group of faces and a surprise cocktail reception. We had arranged to stay 2 nights in one of their mud bungalows, but we unexpectedly found ourselves upgraded to a tree-top wooden cabana in the middle of the jungle!

Polwaththa Eco Lodge – Cabin in the Woods

Our cabana had a large walkaround balcony with splendid views out over the jungle looking towards Lake Victoria. Around the back was a stone wash-house. In-line with the eco lodge theme, there were no electric water heaters.

If you need hot water for washing, they have a separate wood-burning water-heating system.

Polwaththa - Cabin in the Woods


We paid US$50 per night (for a couple on half-board basis) at Polwaththa Lodge (this was the Mudhouse rate). The price included a good, full breakfast and beautifully-presented and delicious evening meals. All ingredients either grown or sourced locally.

At night it was noticeably quiet (apart from the jungle noises).

Inside our cabana, you could just imagine you’re in one of those “cabin” slasher movies. The cabana was basic but comfortable, with everything we needed. We had brought our own mosquito net, but didn’t need it as there was one already installed.

Polwaththa Eco Lodge

The Blue Mormon: One of the two largest swallowtail butterflies in Sri Lanka

There is a variety of activities on offer at Polwaththa. You can go trekking through the jungle on your own or with a guide, swim in a local river, or visit one of the ubiquitous tea plantations.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, then a full day trekking around the Knuckles Mountain Range is another option. This is also one of the best locations in the region for bird watching.

Polwaththa Eco Lodge

Views across the jungle to Victoria Lake

An Abundance of Jungle Life and Food

Everywhere you look in Polwaththa, you see a wealth of fascinating insects, butterflies, giant squirrels and birds. There’s also an abundance of edibles growing like weeds in the surrounding jungle areas.

Unless you really know your stuff, this is where the use of one of their local guides is indispensable.

Polwaththa Eco Lodge

Polwaththa Eco Lodge – Sri Lanka

Had it not been for the encyclopedic knowledge of our charming guide Kumar, we would have missed many of the fascinating details of the areas we walked through.

In the jungle, it can be difficult to see the trees for the woods (if you’ll pardon this reversed expression). I’d certainly never seen a cocoa plant before (and wouldn’t have recognized it if I had).

Polwaththa Eco Lodge - Sri Lanka

Cocoa plant: As chocoholics, its a pity we can’t hang around for the harvest…

The knowledgeable management and staff at Polwaththa Eco Lodge make this a thoroughly enjoyable and unique experience. You can even go into their open kitchen and learn how to prepare and cook in traditional Sri Lankan style.

Of course, many of the ingredients are growing in the earth all around you: Rice, peppers, chillies, chocolate, wood apple, bananas, cinnamon, and so on.

Polwaththa Eco Lodge - Sri Lanka

I’ve no idea what this is: A few seconds ago, it was crawling across our path.

To enjoy this jungle area to the fullest, you’ll need a good pair of walking shoes. You’ll also need a torch (preferably a head-mounted one), as it gets dark early and some of the pathways can be treacherous.

The Half-board and Full-board options offered are very good value: In any case, there are no alternate eating venues within realistic striking distance.

Polwaththa Eco Lodge - Sri Lanka

A small makeshift Buddha shrine in the jungle.

During one of our walks, we came across a small Buddha shrine in the jungle. We noticed several small objects inside the shrine. Apparently, the essential shrine offerings include: water, flowers, incense, light, perfume and food.

We’ll have to remember these details for our own little Buddha shrine back home.

Polwaththa Eco Lodge - Sri Lanka

Pepper Plant climbing up a tree

We saw a lot of pepper plants all around the place, growing like weeds. Sri Lankan black pepper has higher piperine content (pungency) which fetches a premium price in the international spice trade.

What a blessing it must be to live in a place where expensive spices like this literally grow on trees.

Polwaththa Eco Lodge - Sri Lanka

Polwaththa Eco Lodge – Sri Lanka

Just before we left Polwaththa, we planted a Wood Apple tree. Planting a tree is one of the Ecotourist traditions practiced here, defined as:

Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people

Our next destination in Sri Lanka would be the hill town of Haputale, and the World’s End plateau at Horton Plains.

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