Goa Beach Hopping

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Goa Beach Hopping

Goa Beach Hopping

One of our favourite activities on visits to Asia is beach hopping. Just pack a lightweight bag with a picnic, grab a hat and plenty of water, and head out to discover whatever is beyond that distant headland. We spent some really enjoyable days doing this in Sri Lanka and Borneo. Now it was time time to see what some Goa beach hopping had to offer.

Colomb Beach, Goa

Starting from the southern end of Palolem beach, we crossed over to the far side of an elevated rocky headland to reach Colomb beach.

Goa Beach Hopping - Colomb Beach, Goa

Goa Beach Hopping – Colomb Beach, Goa

Colomb beach is much more of a secluded, intimate beach than the larger beaches adjoining it. There are a few guesthouses and restaurants here, and a rocky sheltered bay harbouring a variety of colourful fishing boats.

This is a very small bay – blink and you’ll miss it.

Colomb Beach, Goa

Cows on the beach? Makes a change from Ponies

Goa Beach Hopping – Patnem Beach, Goa

At the southern end of Colomb beach, and across a few more rocks, we reached the upper end of Patnem beach.

This is a much wider and longer beach, stretching southwards for almost 2 kms. Here we found fewer tourists than either Agonda or Palolem beaches, and the further we walked, the more secluded it became.

We noticed a guesthouse here called LalaLand offering rooms, family cottages and a/c or non a/c chalets. However, the prices were not particularly cheap.

Patnem is a very relaxing – if hot – stretch of beach, with few opportunities to find shade (apart from purchasing guesthouse facilities). There are the usual quota of fishing boats parked high up on the beach. Depending on the time of day, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to help the fishermen haul their boats in or out of the water.

Goa Beach Hopping

Goa Beach Hopping – He’s reached the top of the greasy pole…

They do this by pulling the boat transversely across oiled beams of wood. It’s a good way of burning off some of those calories from last night’s paneer masala.

If you don’t put a hat and shirt on, you’ll end up burning off some skin as well.

Goa Beach Hopping

Goa Beach Hopping – Mad Dog the Englishman…

Rajbag Beach, Goa

We negotiated a few rocky outcrops as we walked along Patnem beach, until we reached an impasse at Rajbag beach. Here the beach ends abruptly, interrupted by a clear and wide river. One of the local fishermen offered to boat us across for 50 rupees.

Instead, we decided to have a break for lunch, and  check out the costs for accommodation in the area.

Goa Beach Hopping

Goa Beach Hopping

There are numerous resorts in Patnem and Rajbag with beach cabins to rent. However, prices are a bit steep: One place we looked at was charging 3,500 rupees per night (€50), and the owner wasn’t prepared to negotiate. Definitely not a place for backpackers.

The area is very quiet, and there’s actually little to see or do on the beach apart from sunbathing.

Goa Beach Hopping

Goa Beach Hopping

As we mentioned in a previous article, of all these South Goan beaches Palolem beach ticked most of our boxes, providing the best price-to-value ratio. We ended up staying in Palolem for 11 nights, which was long enough to relax without over-doing it.

Getting to Palolem, or any other of these beaches from Vasco de Gama (Goa) airport, currently costs around 1,400 rupees for a non-airco taxi and 1,600 for an airco taxi.

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Goa Beach Hopping

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