Golf del Sur 🏌🏻 Tenerife South

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Tenerife South - Golf del Sur

Golf del Sur 🏌🏻 Tenerife South

The southern region of Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, beckons travelers with its diverse landscapes, from the lunar-like beauty of Teide National Park to the lively coastal towns and bustling resorts along the southern shore. Whether you seek relaxation on the beach, water sports, or a taste of Canarian cuisine, Tenerife South promises an unforgettable escape.

Arriving in Golf del Sur

After spending a really enjoyable 2-night stopover in Girona, Spain we continued our journey to our principal destination – the Canary Islands. Our first introduction to these islands was the Golf del Sur in Tenerife South.

We planned to spend 3 nights in Golf del Sur in a self-catering apartment on the southern coast. Although we’re not regular golfers ourselves, the lush Golf del Sur golf course is right on the doorstep.

Our evening flight from Barcelona got us to Tenerife South just after midnight. We took a metered taxi to Golf del Sur, and paid a very reasonable fare.

… which is just as well since there are no buses after midnight.

Golf del Sur - Where to stay and eat in Tenerife South

Golf del Sur – Tenerife South: With cheap flights from Spain

Grand Muthu Golf Plaza: Golf del Sur

We had a booking at the Grand Muthu Golf Plaza. This was quite a good deal at €102 for 3 nights based on 2 sharing, excluding breakfast.

However with a hotel name like that I wouldn’t have been surprised if Samual L. Jackson had been there to greet us at reception 😉

Golf del Sur - Tenerife South
Golf del Sur - Tenerife South
Golf del Sur - Tenerife South
Golf del Sur - Tenerife South
Golf del Sur - Tenerife South
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We were given a decent-sized room with fully-equipped kitchen and balcony. Nothing to complain about here. All in all we were quite happy with our ‘Aparthementhoth Ethpanyole’.

Just around the corner from the hotel is a 24-hour mini-market where you can purchase most essentials.

Golf del Sur - Where to stay and eat in Tenerife South

Meet Annabelle – A lunchtime visitor to our balcony at the Grand ’Muvva

All your hotel options in Tenerife

Local Area and Getting Around

A 15-minute walk downhill from the hotel takes you to the main promenade and beaches. The beaches are all volcanic stone and black sand, and in May the water is just a little too fresh for swimming. You can find plenty of snack bars offering all-day breakfasts along the promenade, and there is a good selection of very reasonably-priced restaurants.

Just outside the entrance of the Grand Muthu Golf Plaza you can find a bus stop. From here you can get buses to the main bus terminal at Los Christianos. From Los Christianos you can then get an onward ride to anywhere on the island.

However, you’ll need to be patient: The buses don’t run too frequently between Golf del Sur and Los Christianos. There are also two types of buses: Standard buses and Express buses. The standard buses stop everywhere, and take twice as long as the Express buses (but the prices are the same).

You can get away with speaking English on the buses, but there’s no harm in having a go in Spanish:

‘Doth pour Loth Chrithdianoth’

…was about as far as I got before my tongue started to swell up.

We got quite familiar with our bus stop. Three days later we would be taking another bus to Los Christianos for our onward journey to Puerto dela Cruz in Tenerife North (€14.50 per person, one-way).

Golf del Sur – Where to eat in Tenerife South

With only 2 full days in Golf del Sur, we wanted to make sure we chose the right places to eat in the evenings. Before arriving, we’d made a shortlist of 4 highly recommended restaurants in the area.

The two places we actually visited did not disappoint…

Sakura Tiepannyaki

The Sakura Tiepanyaki restaurant is located close to the seafront, just off the Golf del Sur promenade. The restaurant specializes in a Japanese style of hotplate cooking. The word tiepanyaki is derived from ‘teppan’, which means iron plate or steel sheet and ‘yaki’, which means grilled or stir-fried.

A live cooking show is performed by the chef right in front of you – a very entertaining and mouthwatering way of eating.

Our meal together with a bottle of red wine was exceptional value at €48 for the two of us.

Golf del Sur - Where to stay and eat in Tenerife South

Golf del Sur – Tenerife South: The Sakura Tiepanyaki restaurant

Tapas n Chill

Tapas n Chill is located a small distance inland from the promenade. It is a popular restaurant so you need to arrive early to get a table. We enjoyed a tasty selection of tapas accompanied by a bottle of local wine for just €36 for two.

Golf del Sur - Where to stay and eat in Tenerife South

Golf del Sur – Tenerife South: Tapas n Chill

During our short stay in this southern area of Tenerife, we wanted to visit Siam Park (the No 1 Waterpark in the world!) and take a look around Playa las Americas – the so-called party capital of Tenerife.

We would not be disappointed…

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