What to Do in Boquete Panama

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What to do in Boquete Panama

What to Do in Boquete Panama

Boquete is one of the highlights of a trip to Panama, showcasing the diversity of this unique country. Not really a town as such, Boquete is a huge district spanning 488 square kilometers. However, most of the action is centered around a short but busy central high street: It is here you’ll start your search when you’re looking for what to do in Boquete Panama.

A single dual-carriage highway runs up through the valley from David to Boquete. On the map, this route looks like it may offer an interesting hike up into the highlands. In reality, this isn’t the case. The distances are much further than they appear and walking – so close to the fast and busy highway – can be hazardous.

In the centre of Boquete town, the highway narrows to a simple street. However, for such a narrow street there are lots of gigantic and noisy American-style trucks constantly passing through.

What to Do in Boquete Panama

What to do in Boquete Panama – View to the valley from the highway

Transport – Getting around the valley

There is little in the way of regular buses in Boquete. The accepted mode of transport is the yellow taxis, which often wait to take multiple passengers. They are not too expensive for short journeys. Count on around $5 for a 7km trip.

A trip up to the Pipeline or Waterfall trail trekking areas will cost considerably more – and you’ll have to arrange your transport back.

Day trips and adventure tours

Day trips and adventure tours

Getting transport from Boquete to Bocas Del Toro, David or Santa Catalina can be arranged through the Hello Travel bus shuttle company.

Eating out in Boquete

There’s a variety of eating places in Boquete, ranging from cheap, canteen-style cafes to high-end restaurants. The best meal we had in Boquete – by far – was at the Colibri restaurant. For service, quality and food this was probably the best meal we had during our entire Panama trip (now permanently closed, unfortunately).

The main courses cost around $15 and the wine prices were reasonable.

What to do in Boquete Panama

What to do in Boquete Panama – Eat at the Colibri Restaurant

By far the worst place we ate in Panama was also in Boquete.

Mike’s Global Grill served me the most disgusting chille con carne I’ve ever tasted.

Yes, it was cheap, so maybe we just got what we payed for.

What to do in Boquete Panama

Mike’s Global Grill: Do yourself a favour, and don’t eat here

For breakfast and lunches, the best place we found for pastries, sandwiches and coffee was the Sugar & Spice on the main highstreet.

What to do in Boquete Panama

Sand&Spice @ Sugar&Spice

If its just a quick meal you’re after, along the highstreet there are 2 or 3 buffet-style canteens where you can eat well and cheaply.

What to do in Boquete – Some ‘bracing’ activities

Since there is very little to do in Boquete town, we spent much of our time in the Boquete Mountain Safari tours office. browsing through and booking their half-day tours.

Although these activities added considerably to our overall budget, they offered some unique experiences in world-class locations.

Boquete Mountain Safari tours office

What to do in Boquete Panama – Boquete Mountain Safari tours office

There is a wide choice of activities at the Tours office, catering to all tastes. These include:

♦  Coffee Tours
♦  White Water Rafting
♦  Rock Climbing
♦  Ziplining
♦  Panoramic Jeep Tours
♦  Waterfall Rappeling

These tours generally cost between $25 and $65 per person.

The Caldera River

What to do in Boquete Panama – The Caldera (the “Cauldron”) River

During our 3-day stay in Boquete, we found plenty of things to do. We experienced the Finca La Milagrosa Coffee Tour, tried ziplining at the Boquete Tree Trek mountain resort, and got wet Waterfall Rappeling at the Ja Wakta waterfalls in the forest just outside of Boquete.

Be sure to check out our related articles for full details on each of these activities.

All your hotel options in Boquete

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