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Karimunjawa Travel Budget

Our Karimunjawa Travel Budget & Impressions

Our 19-day journey through Indonesia started and ended in Jakarta. From there we took our return Qatar Airways flight back to Rome. But did our Karimunjawa travel budget cover our costs? and was it all that we were expecting? Our Karimunjawa Travel Budget Before leaving, we had worked out a travel plan and budget of just

Lembongan Island Beaches

Lembongan Island Beaches

For the first 4 days of our 2-week trip to Indonesia we enjoyed the peace and culture of Ubud in Bali. Since Ubud is a good way inland from the coast, we made sure our accommodation featured a decent pool (actually a private pool) to freshen up after a day in the heat. Following our

Air Asia Inflight Experience

AirAsia Inflight Experience

Following a few days in Phuket, we planned to take a short AirAsia flight south to the tropical island paradise of Langkawi. We were curious to see how the AirAsia inflight experience compared to other budget Asian airlines such as Lion Air and Jet Airways. Although there is a boat that runs between Phuket and Langkawi, the

Puerto de la Cruz

Tenerife North – Puerto de la Cruz

After spending 3 days at Golf del Sur in the south of the island, we headed up by coach to Tenerife North – Puerto de la Cruz. We planned to stay 1 night at a small hotel close to the bus station in the center, followed by a few more nights at a more up-market hotel

Lembongan Island Activities

Lembongan Island Activities

A week on this island is just about the right amount of time you’ll need to visit the main attractions and enjoy most of the popular Lembongan island activities that are on offer. We actually spent 8 days there, and were able to do all the things we wanted at a leisurely pace. From snorkeling to

Phuket Thailand - Welcome to Russia

Phuket Thailand – Welcome to Russia

Our Malay peninsula west coast journey actually started in Phuket Thailand – just north of the Thai-Malaysian border. We wanted to use the flexibility of an open-jaw flight ticket to pack as many destinations as possible into our round-trip. Since we would be ending the journey in Kuala Lumpar, Phuket seemed to be a good starting point.

Malay Peninsula West Coast Plan Your Travel

Malay Peninsula West Coast

If you’re planning a multi-destination road trip, then booking an open-jaw flight can be a godsend. Our Malay peninsula west coast journey would actually start in Phuket, Thailand – just north of the Thai-Malaysian border. The trip would end in Kuala Lumpur, after visiting a sequence of destinations including Langkawi, Penang, Melaka and Port Dixon.

Lembongan Island Eating Out

Lembongan Island Eating Out

Your eating out options in Lembongan are plentiful enough. Every guesthouse offers a menu, and there’s a good variety of standalone restaurants and warungs. During our 8-day stay on the island we had the opportunity to sample much of what was on offer, but which of our Lembongan island eating out experiences would stand out from the

Lembongan Island Guesthouses

Lembongan Island Guesthouses

Nusa Lembongan is a laid-back island off the southeast coast of Bali. After our 4-day stay in Ubud, we took a boat to discover what the island had to offer. With a good selection of Lembongan island guesthouses to choose from, we’d selected 2 places – at opposite sides of the island from each other – with four

Gdansk Poland Activities

Gdańsk Poland Activities

Apart from the picturesque old town and excellent eating venues, Gdansk is home to a top-class selection of interactive museums. You’ll need at least 3 days to do justice to these as well as the other Gdansk Poland activities on offer. Staying at the Liberum hotel in the heart of the old town, we were

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