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Istanbul Leather Shopping Mosques

Istanbul Leather Shopping 🧥

One of the bonuses of a short stay in Istanbul is the opportunity for shopping. There are some great bargains to be had in the bazaars and highstreets of the city, and if its leather you’re after, look no further. You’ll find that shopping for leather in Istanbul can be a very social activity. If you

Tenerife's Siam Park Sensation

Tenerife Siam Park Sensation

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If you are planning to spend some time in the south of the island, then the Tenerife Siam Park sensation is something not to be missed. Siam park is a large, clean, beautifully landscaped and well organized water park, officially the No 1 water park in the world. If you come to Tenerife, this is absolutely

Amsterdam Layover Hotel

Amsterdam Layover Hotel & Activities

Our incredibly low-priced Lufthansa flights from Europe to Panama departed from Holland. We therefore needed to find budget flights to get us to Schiphol airport, and spend the night close by before taking our flight the following day. For this we decided to include an Amsterdam layover hotel in our itinerary. Freezing in February If

Valencia Activities

7 Must-Do Valencia Activities

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Although there’s certainly no shortage of things to do on a short trip to Valencia, the trick is to get organized in advance so that the must-do Valencia activities can be as diverse and fun-packed as possible. We had booked a self-catering apartment in the Campanar district, north-west of the city center. As well as

COVID-19 The New-Normal Flying Experience

COVID-19 – The New-Normal Flying Experience

Already, for several years before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’d become disenchanted with our long-haul flying experiences. As aircraft companies expanded their fleets with planes adapted to cram in more passengers, the cost of flight tickets came down and the surge of new travelers increased. This was predictably accompanied by a drop in standards

Tantalizing Tangalle

Tangalle Beaches – Tantalizing Tangalle

Following our stay high in the mountains around Haputale, we took a morning bus for the 7-hour journey down to Tangalle, on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. For this part of our journey we were winging it, with nothing booked in advance. We were just looking forward to those fantastic Tangalle beaches. We arrived in Tangalle following

Indonesia Travel Plan - Central Java & Karimunjawa

Our Karimunjawa Indonesia Travel Plan

Under €1200 all-inclusive for a 3-week trip to a secluded tropical island? Our Karimunjawa Indonesia travel plan also included a couple of days in Rome and flights with top-rated Qatar Airways. This seemed like an unbeatable deal to us when we first started to plan this trip. It all started with affordable Qatar Airways flights

East Malaysia & Borneo - Tioman to Kuantan

Kuantan by Taxi 🚖 from Mersing

Our 3-week journey through Malaysia and Borneo included some tight connections. One such was our lightning visit through Kuantan in order to catch our connecting flights to Kota Kinabalu in Borneo. Having spent 4 nights in Tioman, we planned to take an early ferry back to Mersing, and then travel on by bus to Kuantan, where

Cathay Pacific Inflight

Cathay Pacific Inflight Experience

Despite our recent underwhelming experiences with Qatar and Turkish Airlines, we were still cautiously optimistic about our forthcoming Cathay Pacific flights to Hong Kong and Bali. In fact, we were hoping our Cathay Pacific inflight experience would be something to savour. We had purchased return tickets from London to Bali, including a 2-night stopover in

Girona in Giro

Girona in Giro – What to see & do in Springtime

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What can you do in Girona if you have just 5 or 6 hours to spare? Actually, quite a lot. Our hotel was located in the center of Girona, next to the Onyar river. We started out early after breakfast and followed the river northwards – passing the brightly painted façades of the houses – and heading closer and closer