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Panama City Hotels

Panama City Hotels

When choosing a place from your shortlist of Panama City hotels, you really need to make sure you’re locating yourself in the right areas. Away from the centre, with its relatively small and upmarket high-rise district, you can quickly find yourself in rundown slum areas with a heavy police presence. You wouldn’t want to be

Panama Tocumen Airport

Avianca from Bogota to Panama Tocumen Airport

The final leg of our journey from Amsterdam to Panama was an Avianca flight from Bogota, Columbia to Panama Tocumen Airport. This involved another security screening, but thankfully not as inanely intense as in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Our arrival at Bogota airport was definately a ‘habla español’ wake-up call. Almost all gate information was in Spanish. Even

Lufthansa Longhaul Inflight Experience

Lufthansa Longhaul Inflight Experience

Our flight from Europe to Panama involved a 3-leg flight with Lufthansa, starting from Amsterdam. Naturally, we were curious to discover how our Lufthansa longhaul inflight experience would pan out. Our flight deal was quite exceptional. Just €310 each for a return flight ticket. We’ve sometimes paid more than this for one-way only flights within Europe. Admittedly, the

Amsterdam Layover

Amsterdam Layover Hotel & Activities

Our incredibly low-priced Lufthansa flights from Europe to Panama departed from Holland. We therefore needed to find budget flights to get us to Schiphol airport, and then include an Amsterdam layover in our schedule. Freezing in February If you bring enough warm clothing with you, a February visit to Amsterdam ensures you’ll avoid the fair-weather

Panama Travel Plan

Panama Travel Plan

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Apparently, Panama is among the top 5 best-rated countries in the world in which to retire. Facts like this, together with the attractions of a tropical climate and the buzz of a Latin American country are hard to ignore. Throw into the mix really cheap flights with Lufthansa from Europe and we’re ready to start researching our

Best-Value Pubs & Restaurants in Edinburgh

The 10 Best-Value Pubs & Restaurants in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great place for pub food, but there are some pretty good restaurants too. Following several stays in the capital, here is our list of the 10 best-value pubs & restaurants in Edinburgh – in no particular order. Usquabae Whisky Bar and Larder Usquabae is a place we find ourselves returning to on each

Samsara Karimunjawa

Samsara Guesthouse Karimunjawa

Since we arrived 2 days late on the island, we spent only one night in the first of our selected guesthouses – the Waru Guesthouse. For our next three nights, we were booked into the Samsara Guesthouse Karimunjawa, which was just 10 minutes walk from the main harbour. Samsara’s is an inexpensive guesthouse. They charged us IDR

Waru Guesthouse Karimunjawa

Waru Guesthouse Karimunjawa

The Waru Guesthouse Karimunjawa was the first of the 4 guesthouses we planned to visit on Karimunjawa island. We had originally planned to stay at the Waru for 3 nights, but an unscheduled 2-day delay in Semarang meant we were only able to get there for the last night. We arrived at Kariman port on the early

Take the Fast Boat

Karimunjawa Fast Boat

We travelled to Jepara from Semarang in order to take the Karimunjawa fast boat north to Karimunjawa island. Since the fast boat leaves at 9am, we arrived in Jepara the day before and booked ourselves into the , close to the port. On the morning of our departure, we were advised to get to the

Jepara Port

Hotel Samudra Jepara Port

Before leaving the in Semarang, we used one of their guest computers to book the Jepara port for the following night. The Samudra Hotel was a last minute booking (actually for the same day) following some unavoidable changes to our travel plan (see Jepara ATM woes). We needed a hotel close to Jepara port, since we planned

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