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East Malaysia & Borneo - Tioman to Kuantan

Kuantan by Taxi 🚖 from Mersing

Our 3-week journey through Malaysia and Borneo included some tight connections. One such was our lightning visit through Kuantan in order to catch our connecting flights to Kota Kinabalu in Borneo. Having spent 4 nights in Tioman, we planned to take an early ferry back to Mersing, and then travel on by bus to Kuantan, where

Cathay Pacific Inflight

Cathay Pacific Inflight Experience

Despite our recent underwhelming experiences with Qatar and Turkish Airlines, we were still cautiously optimistic about our forthcoming Cathay Pacific flights to Hong Kong and Bali. In fact, we were hoping our Cathay Pacific inflight experience would be something to savour. We had purchased return tickets from London to Bali, including a 2-night stopover in

Girona in Giro

Girona in Giro – What to see & do in Springtime

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What can you do in Girona if you have just 5 or 6 hours to spare? Actually, quite a lot. Our hotel was located in the center of Girona, next to the Onyar river. We started out early after breakfast and followed the river northwards – passing the brightly painted façades of the houses – and heading closer and closer

What to do in Boquete Panama

What to Do in Boquete Panama

Boquete is one of the highlights of a trip to Panama, showcasing the diversity of this unique country. Not really a town as such, Boquete is a huge district spanning 488 square kilometers. However, most of the action is centered around a short but busy central high street: It is here you’ll start your search when

Rome Hotels & Guesthouses

Rome Hotels & Guesthouses

We often use Rome as our launching pad for long-distance flights to Asia. Many of the bigger airlines offer a variety of flight options starting or ending in Rome. As a result, prices are often cheaper than flying out from other European airports, since many Rome hotels & guesthouses can be booked at quite reasonable

Gdansk Poland Activities

Gdańsk Poland Activities

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Apart from the picturesque old town and excellent eating venues, Gdansk is home to a top-class selection of interactive museums. You’ll need at least 3 days to do justice to these as well as the other Gdansk Poland activities on offer. Staying at the Liberum hotel in the heart of the old town, we were

Philippines Travel Plan – Central Visayas

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The initial inspiration for our Philippines Travel Plan came from the discovery of very reasonably priced flights with Emirates running from Rome to Manila (€528 return). Since Rome is a small hop from our home base in Europe, this seemed a perfect opportunity to extend our trip with a couple of nights in Rome both before and

Tenerife South - Golf del Sur

Golf del Sur – Tenerife South

After spending a really enjoyable 2-night stopover in Girona, Spain we continued our journey to our principal destination – the Canary Islands. Our first introduction to these islands was the Golf del Sur – Tenerife South. We planned to spend 3 nights in Golf del Sur in a self-catering apartment on the southern coast. Although

Jet Airways

Mumbai International Transfer to Domestic Terminal

Arrival at Mumbai International Airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji) and transfer to the Domestic terminal was in our case blissfully straightforward and efficient. At passport control we produced our e-Tourist Visas, and were processed quickly enough. After clearing passport control, we strolled into a large and surprisingly empty Arrivals Hall. This was a welcome outcome. We had

Our Venice Budget 🎭 2 Nights Inclusive – What’s the Cost?

A short trip to Venice is potentially one of the most costly city breaks you can take. Even with a strict Venice budget, why is this city so expensive? Well, we noticed a few things that might explain this. Apart from the local handiwork of artists and artisans, not much is created or grown in