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Venice Off-Season

Venice Off Season 🎭 Save Time & Money

How much should a short 2-night break in Venice off season really cost? With low-cost airlines flying from numerous destinations, the return flight is possibly one of the cheapest items of a trip to Venice. However, even this can be deceptive: The budget airlines fly to Venice Treviso, not to Venice Marco Polo. Treviso is

Sleeping in a Shipping Container – Dash Box Hotel Cyberjaya

As an addition to the wide and wonderful variations of ‘Glamping’ accommodation, sleeping in a shipping container shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. At 20 feet (6.1 m) long by 8 feet (2.44 m) wide this certainly isn’t the tightest hotel room we’ve ever squeezed ourselves into: The Pearl Premium Guest House hotel in Hong Kong gets awarded

The Soná of 'Prison Break' Fame

The Soná of ‘Prison Break’ Fame

Any fans of the mini-series will be familiar with the infamous Soná of ‘Prison Break’ fame. This fictional prison featured in much of Season 3 of the series. The good news is that if you’re planning to travel by bus from Panama City (or from Boquete) to Santa Catalina, you will get to visit Soná in

Maldives Under the Reef

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Your first underwater experience of the Maldives is likely to be your local house reef. All the islands have their own unique house reefs, and Makunudu is no exception. For many people, this is all you actually need. Just put on a mask and step into the shallows. You don’t have to go further than

Cherating Malaysia

Cherating Accommodation: Will you choose Top-end or Budget?

After our first night in Kuala Lumpur, we made an early start: We needed to get to the bus station to take an early coach to Cherating, on the east side of the peninsula. Cherating accommodation options are a little limited, but for this occasion we’d decided to choose one of the larger beach resorts. Of

Rome – Inexpensive Start for a Long-Haul Flight

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Rome is not exactly South-East Asia, but this is where our journey to the Philippines began, following a short flight from Malta. The reason for this was our discovery of some very reasonably priced Emirates flights running from Rome to Manila (€528 return). Since Italy is a small hop from our base in Malta, this seemed a perfect

Getting Gringoed in Isla Colon Bocas del Toro

Getting Gringoed in Isla Colon Bocas del Toro

After spending a couple of days in Bocas del Toro, we decided to spend some extra days in a more secluded spot where we could enjoy beaches and jungle. The Tesoro Escondido Guesthouse seemed to be the answer, located by the sea just 5 kms north of the town, but still on Isla Colon Bocas

Our Personal MM2H Application Experience

Malaysia My Second Home – Our Personal MM2H Application Experience

Our interest in the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program started after several visits to Malaysia and some long trips through the Malay Peninsula and Borneo, all spread over a 5-year period. If you have the time, then taking an extended multi-week break in Malaysia works out much cheaper (average cost-per-day) than a classic 20-day

London City Stopover - What to See & Do in just 6 hours

London City Stopover – What to See & Do in just 6 hours

We arrived back in London Gatwick at the end of our multi-stop flight to Hong Kong and Bali, courtesy of Cathay Pacific. With just 12 hours between our arrival at Gatwick and our onward flight home from London Luton airport, we were optimistically hoping to cram in some essential sightseeing on our London city stopover before heading

13 Weeks in Langkawi

13 Weeks in Langkawi – Where to Stay and What to Do

Our plan for this trip to Malaysia was quite unlike our other adventures to date. Having spent many years touching the surface of different Asian cultures through shorter visits, we now wanted to understand how it feels to live in just one locality. Spending 13 weeks in Langkawi seemed an ideal way to do this.