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Final Panama Budget

Our Final Panama Budget & Impressions

So what are our takeaways following a 4-week road trip around Panama? Below you’ll find a summary of our Panama budget and impressions. As to be expected there are positives and negatives, as well as plenty of opinions and observations. Our Final Panama Budget Our Panama trip worked out as the most expensive of our

Jakarta Takes Mansion

Jakarta Takes Mansion Hotel

For our short return visit to Jakarta, we opted to stay in the Jakarta Takes Mansion hotel, close to the center of the city. The hotel is just a 20-minute walk across the park from Gambir train station, and not far from a central shopping area. Jakarta Takes Mansion Hotel Takes Mansion is a medium

Jakarta Train from Semarang

Jakarta Train from Semarang

Knowing in advance that on our return journey we would have very little time in Semarang to purchase tickets, we decided to book our Jakarta train tickets online, several months earlier. Purchase your Jakarta Train Tickets Online Using the website, we purchased 2 executive-class one-way tickets for IDR 259,000 each (€17). There are slightly

Our Panamanian Hotel Experiences

During our 4-week trip around Panama, we stayed at a variety of hotels and guesthouses – in fact 11 in all. It therefore only seems logical that we should provide a summary of our Panamanian hotel experiences. Budgets and Expectations We varied our hotel budget, ranging between $33 and $66 per night (excluding taxes). However, none of

Karimunjawa Island Boat Transfer

Karimunjawa Island Boat Transfer

There are variety of Karimunjawa island boat transfer options. Most boats travel to and from Jepara, but depending on the day of the week you can also get boats to and from Semarang and Kendal (which is not too far from Semarang). However, you need to check the latest schedules. Not all boats travel every

Boca Chica to Panama City

Boca Chica to Panama City

Although it is a great location to break your journey between the major cities, transport options from Boca Chica to Panama City and/or David are limited. If you don’t have your own car, there are 2 ways to get from Boca Chica to Panama City: The hard way or the expensive way. Boca Chica to Panama City

Karimunjawa Guesthouse Options

For such a small island community, there is a surprising number of Karimunjawa guesthouse options. During our stay there, we were able to experience a variety of accommodations at very different ends of the price spectrum. Karimunjawa Guesthouse Options In Karimunjawa, you can pay anything from IDR 100,000 (€7) upwards per night for a room.

Boca Chica and Boca Brava

Boca Chica and Boca Brava

It took us around 7 hours to travel by bus from Bocas Del Toro to Boca Chica and Boca Brava. This would be our last taste of the Pacific ocean before returning to Panama City and the end of our 4-week vacation. After the upbeat tempo of Bocas Del Toro, we were looking forward to

Boca Chica and Boca Brava

Bocas to Boca Chica by Bus

Following our 8-day stay in Bocas Del Toro, we prepared for the next stage of our journey – travelling from Bocas to Boca Chica by bus. This trip requires a little more organisation since the Hello Travel bus shuttle company which operates from Bocas Del Toro does not provide a service to Boca Chica. Bocas to Boca

Karimunjawa Island Beaches & Snorkeling Locations

Karimunjawa Island Beaches & Snorkeling

For many travellers, the big attraction of the small tropical islands of Indonesia are the beaches. After travelling through the urban cities of central Java to reach our destination, we were looking forward to spending 10 days relaxing on the white sands of the Karimunjawa island beaches. Karimunjawa Island Beaches For such a large island,

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