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Karimunjawa Town Wedding

Getting to Know Karimunjawa Town

Although it’s quite a small place, it is possible to get temporarily lost in the similar-looking streets of Karimunjawa Town. Most of the facilities you require are to be found, but are spread around the place and not always easy to locate. Top of your priority list is probably finding your accommodation. If you booked in

Coffee Tours in Boquete Panama

Having done the Tea Plantation tour in Sri Lanka, it seemed only fair to do one of the Coffee Tours in Boquete Panama – And very informative it was. We booked our tour at the Boquete Mountain Safari tours office for $29 per person. In fact, for the same price they offered to let us join a group for

Boquete Panama – Getting Around/What to Do

Boquete Panama is one of the highlights of a trip to this diverse country. Not really a town as such, Boquete is a huge district spanning 488 square kilometers. However, most of the action is centred around a short but busy central high street. A single dual-carriage highway runs up through the valley from David to Boquete. On

Jungla Experience Boquete

Jungla Experience Boquete Panama

The Jungla Experience Boquete is a well-equipped hostel, combining a dormitory with a couple of private rooms. The place is hard to find. There are no boards or signs indicating where it is. If you arrive after dark or don’t get lucky with a savvy taxi driver, you’ll have problems finding it. It’s a good 5

Hotel Residencial Cervantes David

Hotel Residencial Cervantes David

We interrupted our journey from Santa Catalina to Boquete by stopping for a night at the Hotel Residencial Cervantes David. When planning our trip, we thought it would be a good idea to break our journey to Boquete in David. In practise, there’s no real need to do this when travelling from Santa Catalina. This

Getting Around Panama by Shuttle Bus

Getting Around Panama by Shuttle Bus

If you have a few more dollars to spend, and you want to make your travel a little easier, the Hello Travel bus shuttle company makes a good alternative to going it alone. For the extra cost, they can make getting around Panama a bit less stressful. They have regular air-conditioned shuttle services to and from the

Santa Catalina, Panama

Around Town in Santa Catalina, Panama

Santa Catalina, Panama, is a relaxing place to unwind, especially after spending a few days in Panama City. Santa Catalina is a small resort town on the Pacific costline, south of Santiago. The town is centred between 2 beaches: Playa Estero for the surfers and Playa Santa Catalina for the divers. Surfing on Playa Estero – the larger of the

The Soná of 'Prison Break' Fame

The Soná of ‘Prison Break’ Fame

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Any fans of the mini-series will be familiar with the infamous Soná of ‘Prison Break’ fame. This fictional prison featured in much of Season 3 of the series. The good news is that if you’re planning to travel by bus from Panama City (or from Boquete) to Santa Catalina, you will get to visit Soná in

Panama City to Santa Catalina by Bus

If you plan to travel from Panama City to Santa Catalina by bus, you’ll need to start your journey from Albrook’s bus station. The easiest and cheapest way to get there is by metro. Before leaving Panama City for Santa Catalina, make sure you’ll have enough cash for your stay. There are no banks or ATM

Panama Canal Kayaking

Panama Canal Kayaking – Jungle Land Experience

The Panama Canal is arguably one of most important structural achievements ever built. Apart from cutting a slice through a mountain, construction of the canal also involved flooding a river to form a gigantic lake. When planning our trip to Panama, it had never occurred to us that Panama Canal kayaking was just one of the activities

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