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Islay Bastimentos Bocas Del Toro

Ushuaia Guesthouse Bastimentos – Panama

Our first impressions of Isla Bastimentos were not promising. We were just hoping that the guesthouse we had booked 3 months earlier – the Ushuaia Guesthouse Bastimentos – would ease our misgivings and provide us with a clean and relaxing place to chill out. The Ushuaia Guesthouse Bastimentos Where do I start? The Ushuaia Guesthouse is

Karimunjawa Snorkeling Excursions

Karimunjawa Snorkeling Excursions

No trip to these islands would be complete without trying one of the organized Karimunjawa snorkeling excursions. We made our arrangements through Jon from SeaSky, and booked his full-day snorkeling trip to the western islands for IDR 200,000  per person (€14). This price included the use of snorkeling gear and a packed lunch. Karimunjawa Snorkeling Excursions The

Islay Bastimentos Bocas Del Toro

Isla Bastimentos Bocas Del Toro – Panama

Following our 5-day tour of Isla Colón, we were ready to venture further afield to one of the other large islands of the archipelago – Isla Bastimentos Bocas Del Toro. We were looking forward to pristine beaches and fascinating jungle trails, similar to what we had discovered on Isla Colón. Isla Bastimentos Bocas Del Toro If you’ve

Cocohuts Karimunjawa

Cocohuts Karimunjawa

Following our hit-and-miss fortune with guesthouses in Karimunjawa, at well over 3 times the price of a regular homestay, we expected Cocohuts Karimunjawa to be quite an upgrade on the 2 places we had stayed so far in Karimun town. Fabulous Views from Cocohuts Karimunjawa Perched high up on the hillside overlooking the port and town,

Isla Colon Bocas Del Toro

Isla Colon Bocas Del Toro – Panama

After spending a couple of days in Bocas town, we decided to spend a few more days in a more secluded spot where we could enjoy beaches and jungle. The Tesoro Escondido guesthouse seemed to be the answer, located by the sea just 5 kms north of the town, but still on Isla Colon Bocas Del Toro.

Karimunjawa Eating Out

Karimunjawa Eating Out

Since Karimun town is quite a small place, you can’t expect to find a great number or variety of eating establishments. Some guesthouses offer their guests meals or kitchen facilities, but most travellers end up heading out in the evenings to discover the best Karimunjawa eating out options. Karimunjawa Eating Out Your food options in Karimunjawa are

Bocas Del Toro Snorkeling

Bocas Del Toro Snorkeling Tour

The easiest way of finding some decent Bocas Del Toro snorkeling locations is to take a full-day boat trip from Bocas town. This isn’t a bad option for just $30 per person, including 5 different activities and locations. Bocas Del Toro Snorkeling Tour Itinerary The tours leave in the morning most days from the central jetties. In

Karimunjawa Scooter Rental

Karimunjawa Scooter Rental – Getting Around

There are 22 kms of ‘road’  between the main port of Karimunjawa and the furthest point north on the island. This is a little too far for walking, and there are no buses or taxes as such. So unless you pay for a guided tour, the only viable way of discovering the island is with a

Bocas Town

Bocas Town – Bocas Del Toro, Panama

A water taxi is most people’s introduction to Bocas Town, Bocas Del Toro, though you can also fly directly to their small air strip not far behind the town. Since we were travelling in by bus from Boquete, we made our way to Almirante and took a boat from there Our initial impression was of

Waterfall Rappeling Boquete Panama

Waterfall Rappeling in Boquete

Absailing down a waterfall might not be everyones cup of tea, but for an adrenaline rush its hard to beat. Waterfall rappeling in Boquete, also known as canyoning, is one of Panama’s most thrilling and popular adventure sports. The concept is simple: suit up in a harness and belay your way down a waterfall. We booked

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