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Doha Airport Layover

Doha Airport Layover

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Our Qatar Airways flight from Rome to Jakarta included a lengthy 10-hour Doha airport layover. There was really no way of avoiding this when we booked the flight. If we had arrived early in the day, we could have enjoyed one of Qatar Airways complimentary 3-hour tours of the city. However, we would be arriving at 10:30 in the

Vaporetti Essentials

Vaporetti Essentials: Get a Day Pass

One of the reasons we all go to Venice is to travel on their unique vaporetti water transport system. And unless you are particularly flush with cash, you’ll want to do this in the easiest and most economical way possible. For a short weekend, a Vaporetti Day Pass is the answer. Vaporetti Day Pass The


Makunudu Island Paradise, Maldives

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Travelling with Emirates from Europe to Makunudu Island, we had an initial stop in Cyprus. We then had another stop in Dubai for our connecting flight to Male – The Maldives capital. We had a couple of hours to kill in Dubai, so spent most of it queuing up to spend a penny in a

Valencia Eating Out

Valencia Eating Out? Eating Late is the Norm

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For our 4-day trip to Valencia, we selected in advance a number of interesting restaurants with good reviews. The only problem was these restaurants were dotted around the outskirts of the city and not particularly easy to get to. Our Valencia eating out plans therefore had to be revised to fit in easily with the


Isla Bastimentos Bocas Del Toro – Panama

Following our 5-day tour of Isla Colón, we were ready to venture further afield to one of the other large islands of the archipelago – Isla Bastimentos Bocas Del Toro. We were looking forward to pristine beaches and fascinating jungle trails, similar to what we had discovered on Isla Colón. Isla Bastimentos Bocas Del Toro If you’ve

Philippines Best Beach Destinations? - Fifty Shades of Pink

Philippines Best Beach Destinations? 50 Shades of Pink

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If getting a suntan is high on the priority list, then unless you want to stay pale pink you need to choose your Philippines beach destinations carefully. Our 3-week trip around the Central Visayas – Cebu and Bohol – presented us with several unexpected challenges, one of these being to find a beautiful location to

Sleeper to Kochin

Indian Railways Sleeper Class to Kochi

Travelling north along the West coast of India, our next destination after Varkala was Kochi. 5 days earlier, while we were still in Kovalam, we had purchased our train tickets from a Travel Agent. He had explained to us which ticket classes were available for a trip from Varkala to Kochi. He also advised us not

Mersing - Budget Accommodation Nightmares

Miserable in Mersing Malaysia

Mersing Malaysia is the gateway to Tioman Island, a very popular destination for travelers. We had a pleasant coach ride down to Mersing from Cherating, on a very comfortable Adik Beradik coach. The 240 km trip took around 4 hours, including a 20-minute stop along the way where we could eat and use the washroom.

The Terravision Rome Airport Bus

Terravision Rome Airport Bus

Getting from either of the airports outside Rome to the city center can be an expensive business. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive and efficient alternatives to taking a taxi. On different occasions, we’ve used the Terravision Rome airport bus service to travel between both Fiumicino and Ciampino airports and the center of Rome. These services

Sri Lanka Travel Plan: 21-day rollercoaster to World’s End and beyond

A Sri Lanka Travel Plan – Central & South

Our Sri Lanka travel plan comprised a 21-day rollicking rollercoaster of a ride to the World’s End and beyond, taking in the Central Highlands and the South Coast. It promised to be an eventful trip, with all content published from a tiny Samsung smartphone.   Researching the Trip – Sri Lanka Travel Plan Our idea was to choose