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Girona transfers from airport

Girona transfers from airport and onward to Barcelona

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Located within sight of the Pyrenees in the northeast of Catalonia, Girona is a great place from which to start a journey to some really exotic locations. This is due to Girona’s proximity to Barcelona – a main Spanish hub from where many flights depart in the direction of South America, Latin America and beyond. Luckily, Girona transfers from airport

Don't Look Now

The Venice of “Don’t Look Now”

If like us you’re a bit of a movie fan, then this section is for you. The Venice of Don’t Look Now is encapsulated in a 1973 British-Italian thriller directed by Nicolas Roeg, adapted from a short story by Daphne du Maurier. It was filmed at a variety of locations throughout Venice, showing a seedier, grittier side


Maldives Planning a Break

Maldives Planning a Break: The luxury of some of the smaller islands in the Maldives comes at a price. However – if included as a short addition to a longer trip through other countries in the region – this unforgettable experience can be enjoyed without drastically over-doing the budget. The price you can expect to

Malay Peninsula West Coast Plan Your Travel

Malay Peninsula West Coast – Open-Jaw Trip

If you’re planning a multi-destination road trip, then booking an open-jaw flight can be a godsend. Our Malay peninsula west coast journey would actually start in Phuket, Thailand – just north of the Thai-Malaysian border. The trip would end in Kuala Lumpur, after visiting a sequence of destinations including Langkawi, Penang, Melaka and Port Dixon.

Getting Around Panama

Getting Around Panama by Shuttle Bus 🚌

Without any real train infrastructure, buses are the primary way that most Panamanians — and many travelers — get around. The buses run frequently and are cheap enough, but if you have a few more dollars to spend you may want to make your travel a little easier. The Hello Travel bus shuttle company makes

South Goan Beaches

South Goa Beaches – Agonda

When we arrived in Goa, fresh off the night train from Kochi, we hadn’t yet decided which south Goa beaches we would visit – Agonda beach or Palolem beach. We had nothing booked, so left it to chance. As it turned out, our first experiences would be on Palolem beach. After an hours march from the

Mersing to Juara, Tioman

Tioman Island Ferry

One of the highlights of our trip around Malaysia and Borneo would be our visit to Tioman island on the east coast of the Malay peninsula. To get there, we needed to reach the port town of Mersing from where we could take a ferry across. Although we arrived at the terminal building in the

Rome Restaurants

Inexpensive Rome Restaurants

Rome is like one giant restaurant. Every street seems to host a series of eateries tempting visitors with their delicious Italian kitchen aromas. In our experience, it’s pretty difficult to get a bad meal in Rome, but if you’re looking for inspiration, here are our current favourite and inexpensive Rome restaurants. Inexpensive Rome Restaurants –

Ceylonica Beach Hotel Negombo

For many visitors to Sri Lanka, Negombo will be your first port of call. This actually makes a lot of sense if you are planning to head east to the central areas. For us also, this was the logical choice since our flight arrived in Sri Lanka in the early evening, and Bandaranaike International Airport

Leather Mosques

Istanbul Eateries and Accommodation

We would only have 2 nights and days in Istanbul. To optimize our time in the city, and to find the best Istanbul eateries, we did as much planning as we could before leaving home. After sorting out our transfers, our next priorities were accommodation and food. Following a good deal of online research, we’d decided that